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At the 30th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2023), SEARCH researchers, including, Dr. Catherine Koss of University of San Francisco, Drs. Moses Kamya and Elijah Kakande (pictured above) of Infectious Disease Research Collaboration presented results of the Dynamic Choice Prevention (DCP) Intervention. The DCP intervention was comprised of three separate randomized controlled trials conducted using village health teams (VHT), antenatal clinics (ANC) and hospital outpatient departments (OPD), in which the intervention group utilized a dynamic, person-centered HIV prevention model, including choice of prevention product, service location, HIV-testing options, starter PEP packs, extended PrEP refills, and 24-hour phone access to clinicians. PrEP or PEP prevention coverage was up 28% in the VHT trial (compared to .5% in standard care); 70% in the ANC trial (compared to 29% in standard care); and 48% in the OPD trial (compared to 18% in standard care).


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