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SEARCH Mentioned in NIH statement on World AIDS Day 2014

In the annual statement released on World AIDS day, the National Institues of Health higlighted the the great progress made thus far in combatting HIV/AID while also pointing out the challenges on the long road ahead.

Among the projects and organizationas acknowleged for their part in the fight against AIDS, SEARCH received an accolade. Here is an excerpt:

"Scaling up access to HIV medicines is of little benefit, however, if HIV-infected individuals do not know they are infected, lack access to medical care, or do not adequately control their virus levels by adhering to treatment regimens. The NIH is funding studies in the United States (HPTN 065 study, or TLC-PLUS) and internationally (HPTN 071 study, or PopART) that are exploring different approaches to addressing this problem, including expanded voluntary HIV testing and prevention services while linking HIV-infected individuals to care and antiretroviral treatment. Similarly, the NIAID-supportedSustainable East Africa Research of Community Health (SEARCH) study in Uganda and Kenya is examining whether improved access to antiretroviral treatment for infected individuals can improve the overall health, education and economic productivity of the community."

You can access the entire article here.

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