SEARCH Trial begins Phase II!

June 7, 2016

Community Health Campaign June 2016 in the Nsiika community, Southwest region, Uganda


The SEARCH study aims to address if an HIV test and treat strategy can ‘shut down’ new HIV infections; to show how it can best be done and its cost and cost savings. SEARCH involves randomization of 32 rural communities in Kenya and Uganda of approximately 10,000 persons each.  Beginning in June 2016, SEARCH enters Phase II where all communities are re-randomized and intervention communities will have  targeted interventions aimed at: a) optimizing the effect (rapid and enhanced viral suppression of all HIV-infected persons) of comprehensive HIV testing and universal treatment with streamlined care even more than achieved in Phase I and b) reducing new HIV infections through PrEP.  SEARCH will ‘target’ these interventions based on information gained in Phase I of the study which are designed with the PRECEDE model in an implementation science framework. SEARCH Phase II seeks to answer if targeted PrEP, targeted HIV testing, and targeted care interventions on top of universal treatment and streamlined care, will reduce cumulative 3-year HIV incidence in men and women >15 years and improve other health and economic outcomes. 

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SEARCH Publication in AIDS Journal

November 9, 2016

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