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SEARCH Eastern Uganda Team Participates in Mbale Corporate League Games

An integral part of SEARCH’s success is actively engaging with the local community. One of the ways the SEARCH Eastern Uganda team interacts with the Mbale community through participating in monthly corporate league games. Last month, the SEARCH Eastern Uganda staff participated in several games including football, netball, volleyball, indoor games etc. The SEARCH football team played three 30-minute games against Mbale Local Government team (result 2-2), vs Livingstone University (result 0-0), and vs Shell Elgon (result 4-1 in favor of Shell). The SEARCH netball team played four game againts Mbale S.S, Club Eltanjia, Livingstone University and MTN. The next league games will take place on December 13th.

Corporate League Games-Part of SEARCH East Netball team (L-R), Kantono Esther, Amuge Stella (Tracking RAs/Counselors).

Corporate League Games Mbale-Netball Team L-R Haggai Edyelu (Data Officer), Wanzala Janet (Volunteer), Amuge Stella (Tracking RA/Counselor), Mukhaye Sophie (Volunteer), Aciro Frumecia (HSE RA), Nambafu Scovia (CHC RA), Achwo Evalyn (Tracking Counselor).

Corporate League Games Mbale-Football Team Standing L-R: Odongo David (CHC Vitals Nurse), Emuron Paul (CHC Lab Asst), Manowa Dan (CHC Lab Asst), Okiror Samuel (Clinical Lab Coordinator), Mugumya Gadaffi (Tracking Lab Asst), Mayoka Paul (Data Officer-Kamuge) Matekha Sam (Nurse Tracker-Muyembe). Squatting L-R: Osekeny Ismael (CHC Lab Asst), Edyelu Haggai (Data Officer), Talimusa Ephraim (Tracking RA)

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